Introduction: Personal Insights into Depression, Alcoholism, and Anxiety

ImageTwo and half years ago, I entered recovery. Now the time has come to share my experience and insights into depression, alcoholism, and anxiety.

I’m not a professional blogger. In fact, this is my introductory attempt. It will be a learning experience and I’m looking forward to it.

At first thought, I feel I’d like to accomplish several things. First, perhaps appeal to anyone who is suffering. When I came into recovery, I felt extremely hopeless and devoid of purpose. I had failed – miserably. I had lost my sense of purpose. My only source of relief was thinking of ways to end my life. I had what I now see as “the gift of desperation.” Second, I’d also like to have an outlet for sharing my experience in recovery; how I gained strength and insight into a different way of thinking; a different approach to life.

My plan at this moment is to share my personal experience. I believe this blog may develop much like a story line, so I would recommend, after reading this introduction, you start at Part 1 and move forward sequentially.

I am no expert and I don’t intend to develop an advice column, but I’m pretty sure I will make suggestions that I found useful and productive in my experience.

If that sounds interesting, stay tuned. I will be getting this thing up and running soon.



Continue to Part 1: Getting Started


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